Woman Saves A Kitten With Special Needs, What Happens To Him Will Melt Your Heart

Imagine that you lived your early life on the streets, discarded by society with no home to call your own. That’s what happened to Wolfie the kitten as he lived a tough life since he was born. Regardless of his troublesome past, you’ll learn that he is one of the most playful and upbeat kittens you’ll ever come across.

It All Started With Compassion

Wolfie fared through a damaged eye, cleft lip, and broken hips. No one knows where he came from or how he sustained his injuries, but rescuers were amazed by this small feline’s steely resolve and determination to live. Rescuers scooped him from the streets at ten weeks old, and he exhibited a loving playfulness that melted people’s hearts. It seemed as though no one would take him in until Tara Kay, who founded The Odd Cat Sanctuary, rescued him from the shelter.


Under Tara’s care, he was in much better hands, enjoying a plentiful supply of food and an infinite amount of love and support that he needed to survive.

The Road To Recovery

However, Wolfie’s rescue was only the beginning, as vets needed to address his extensive injuries. Even though vets removed his bad eye, he still has glaucoma to contend with in his good one. But he can still see through his good eye, and he never lost the inherent friskiness that his caregivers came to love. Vets will keep an eye on his glaucoma and cleft lip, but Wolfie is officially a happy and healthy cat like any other.

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In fact, his cleft mouth gives him a bit of character as he infects nearby humans with his joyful spirit. He made a speedy recovery and now lives a full life, showing how kindness can restore life and bring joy to many. Wolfie’s tale is an inspiration to many and shows how life can turn around for the better when you least expect it.

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Importance Of Second Chances

Tara’s work with cats shows how discarded pets could become lifetime friends. Organizations like Odd Cat Sanctuary give special-needs cats the special attention that they otherwise would not have received at a standard animal shelter.

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Wolfie’s story also highlights the importance of animal shelters. Each year, animal shelters rescue over seven million domestic from the streets in the United States, and various organizations such as Odd Cat Sanctuary rescue them from shelters, giving them the special attention they deserve. This may include nursing them back to health, giving them food and water, or saving them from life-threatening injuries via surgery.

Instagram, meetwolftheoddcat

Wolfie’s New Life

Wolfie’s story shows that pets struggling with injuries or deformities are just as deserving of love as any other pet. He is something of a social media celebrity, as his adventures and daily routine are chronicled on Instagram one cute photo at a time. The Odd Cat Sanctuary’s work is a great way to show the plight of special-needs pets and how they are the same as other pets.