Woman Finds Kitten On The Street And He Immediately Naps On Her Shoulder

One day, a woman spotted a little kitten in the middle of the road with nowhere to go. After she rescued him, the kitten crawled up on her shoulder, forming a bond that wouldn’t be easily broken.

A Surprise On The Road

While traveling to see her grandparents, Stacey Bradshaw noticed a kitten on the road near the highway. Fearful that he would get hurt or killed, the woman rushed to his aid.  “I pulled my car parallel to the highway and walked around the car towards the kitten,” Stacey said in an interview.

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As she approached him, the kitten ran under the car behind her rear wheel. Stacey carefully pulled him out, holding him close and reassured him that he was safe. Immediately, the kitten felt loved.

An Immediate Friendship

The kitten quickly warmed up to Stacey and sat on her shoulder. He cuddled right by her neck out of gratitude. Stacey happily accepted the love.

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Stacey took him to her grandparents’ house for warmth and shelter. They called around to neighbors to see if anyone was missing a kitten. No one claimed him, so Stacey ended up taking him back with her.

Back To Healthy

The poor kitten was very tiny and sick, so Stacey couldn’t bear to get rid of him just yet. She had a crowded house with three dogs and two cats already, but she made room for the kitten. Stacey named him Pumpkin, likely because of his orange fur.

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Stacey worked on nursing little Pumpkin back to health. She gave him a nice, long bath to get rid of his fleas, and fed him. He soon settled back on Stacey’s shoulder. “He fell asleep snuggled down on my shoulder with his head against my neck the very first night I brought him home,” Stacey said. She later took him to the vet, where he received cold medicine and an ear cleaning. A few days later, the tiny kitten was a ball of energy. However, he always found his way right back to his new human.

Separation Anxiety

Every day, Pumpkin would crawl on Stacey’s shoulder for a nap. If she had to leave for work, the kitten would cry. He really wanted to be with her all of the time.

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Stacey was falling in love with him a little bit more every day. The problem was that she already had enough pets, and couldn’t possibly take on another. But she couldn’t bear to let him go. So she and her grandparents came up with a plan.

Part Of The Family

Two weeks after Pumpkin was found, Stacey’s grandparents agreed to take him in. That would allow Stacey to see him whenever she wanted! And she definitely loves to spend time with him.

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Pumpkin is really thriving in his new home. He loves to cuddle with Stacey and the rest of the family and is very friendly. Stacey is pleased that he’s found his forever home with her family. “I’m so glad he’s healthy and happy, and I laugh all the time at his silly, adorable antics!” she shared.  “I’m so happy I found him that day and that he could become part of the family.”