Why Cats are Weird…But Still Adorable

Judging by the billions of views of the millions of cat videos posted on YouTube, cats are popular. They are also adored, spoiled, and loved. Which when you think of it, is baffling because cats are weird, affectionate when in the mood, tolerant at best, and antisocial most of the time. So why the never-ending influx of cat videos and cat memes on the web? Believe it or not, despite their inherent weirdness, cats are still adorable. But cat behaviors that seem weird to us actually have a purpose and make sense for cats. Ever wondered why your feline companion loves climbing and surveying the room from the top of your cabinet or bookshelf, why she loves scratching on the sofa, or why he loves getting into boxes? This video will enlighten you. At the end of it, you’ll definitely understand your cat better and only think of them as 1% weird and 99% adorable.