When No Means No for a Papillon

You know how the saying goes, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink”? Well, that’s how things went when this 4-year-old cutie of a papillon refused to do not just one obstacle, but the entire Agility Course at Crufts 2018. In this case, let’s amend this saying to “You can lead a dog to an obstacle, but you can’t make it jump”. Yeah, that’s about it.

Said papillon must’ve done it before successfully to be able to get into Crufts, but on the day she’s supposed to do it in front of a panel of judges and a cheering audience, that’s when she decided, “Nope. Sorry. Not gonna do it today. Not in the mood. NO”. Not even when she was cajoled, coached, and coerced into jumping on the first obstacle. Well, that happens sometimes. A dog’s “No” means no too.

Watch this papillon’s infamous Crufts boycott: