What’s Your Cat’s Signature Petting Style? Find Out

Is your cat a Party Purr? Or maybe a Classic Feline?

Do you think ALL cats LOVE to be petted? Wrong!

Think your cat wants you to rub her belly like a dog? Umm, most likely NO.

Do all cats love the chin rub? YES, YES, YES!!!

Unlike dogs, most cats have limits. There are sweet spots and then there are the “landmine spots”. Meaning, if you touch that spot, you’ll be dead! By clawing or other feline fatale means.

So, what to do if you don’t want to risk death by wrong cat petting? Educate yourself of course! Find out your cat’s petting style and you’ll both be happy campers. You’ll be alive and your cat will be loving all the rubs in the right places.

Determine your cat’s petting style: