What Happens When A Butterfly Lands On A Husky’s Nose?

Who doesn’t love dogs? Who doesn’t think butterflies are beautiful? What happens when a dog and a butterfly meet each other? A viral video of course! WARNING: If you’re trying to convince yourself that you don’t need another dog, this video will not help you!

The Cutest Video Ever

When Cymber the Husky was relaxing in her backyard, a monarch butterfly fluttered right up to her and perched on her snout. Cymber, being the curious dog that she is, couldn’t get enough of her new friend. She tried so hard to stare at the dog that was sitting on her nose that her icy blue eyes went cross.

It Gets Better

Pretty soon, Cymber couldn’t see the butterfly at all because the colorful bug kept on scooting up her head. Finally, the butterfly stopped on top of her head. To try to keep on being able to see the butterfly, the Siberian Husky kept turning her head. When her master plan failed, Cymber stayed still. She held her head down almost as if she wanted to keep her body stable so that the butterfly wouldn’t fall.

All Good Things Must Come To An End

Eventually, it all became too much for the giddy Husky. Cymber couldn’t take it anymore, so she reached up to the top of her head to try to guide her flying friend away. No butterflies were harmed in this process! The monarch butterfly went fluttering on, and Cymber had an experience she’ll never forget.


But Wait!… There’s More

Fortunately for us, this encounter between Cymber and the butterfly wasn’t just a standalone viral video. Cymber’s owners record her all the time! She is a pretty famous Husky. In fact, if you Google the word “Cymber” pictures and videos of her will come up. The best part of it all is the Cymber is far from alone.


Meet The Fluffy Huskies

If you think Cymber is adorable, there’s way more where that came from! She’s part of a Facebook famous group of Huskies that make up the Fluffy Husky Family. Cymber lives with three other Huskies named Embry, Archer, and Atlas. You can catch all of their adorable adventures on the social media platform of your choice. As if Huskies weren’t already adorable enough, getting an up close and personal look at how absolutely precious and sweet these dogs are will make you want to adopt a Husky of your own.


You can totally make a binge-watching session of catching up with Cymber and the other Fluffy Huskies. Her owner has been posting videos of the dogs since 2016. If you’re just hearing about them today, you have hundreds of videos to watch!

See It For Yourself

Reading about Cymber and her friend the butterfly isn’t enough. You have to see how cute she is for yourself. Don’t deprive yourself of this cuteness! Watch the full video here.