Volunteers Nurse Rescue Kitten Back To Health And Reunite Him With His Sister

A family of cats was lost out on the street, and they somehow were split up. One kitten was rescued, but his sibling was still missing. Soon they would be happily reunited, thanks to hardworking rescuers.

Struggling In The Streets

A kitten was discovered lying out in the cold streets of Montreal, Canada. He was sent to a veterinary clinic for an initial check-up. Unfortunately, the poor kitten was in terrible shape and it wasn’t likely he would survive.

Facebook / Chatons Orphelins Montréal

The kitten clearly hadn’t eaten in a long time. He was so cold and malnourished that he only weighed one pound. Thankfully, a volunteer at Chatons Orphelins Montréal, an animal rescue, stepped in to help.

Journey To Health 

Celine Crom took the frail kitten to the rescue, where volunteers worked to save the animal, who they named Kurt. “He was so weak that he had trouble standing up and opening his eyes,” Celine admitted in an interview. “That kitten wouldn’t have survived another night in the cold in that state.”

Facebook / Chatons Orphelins Montréal

The workers gave Kurt antibiotics, fluids, and a little bit of food every three hours. A caretaker watched over him during the night to make sure he was okay. In a matter of days, the kitten started to gain weight and get stronger. Soon, he went to a home to be cared for by a foster family.

A Lost Family

Around the same time, the rescuers at the organization got word of a cat and two kittens wandering around the same area where Kurt was found. They believed that this was Kurt’s missing family, so they went out to search for them.

Facebook / Chatons Orphelins Montréal

Sadly, one of the little kittens didn’t make it. However, a few days later, the rescuers discovered the cat and the second kitten on someone’s roof. They were able to catch both the mom and the kitten and bring them to the rescue.

Together Again

After regaining their strength, the mom was sent to another rescue group. The kitten, later named Kat, was sent to the same foster home as her brother. And it was like no time had passed between them.

Facebook / Chatons Orphelins Montréal

Once they were brought together in the same home, Kurt and Kat instantly knew each other. “They recognized each other right away and started playing nonstop after they met,” Celine said.

Sibling Love

Since the siblings were brought to the same house, they are able to spend a lot of time together. Kurt is a protective big brother, often taking time to groom Kat and cuddle with her. The two are also much stronger and healthier than they were before and enjoy spending time with their current foster family.

“Kurt is a sweet guy and Kat is still a bit shy and still needs some time to come out of her shell,” Celine shared. “They love each other’s company and are a bonded pair.” The two are currently looking for their forever home, but there’s one stipulation: They can’t be separated. With a bond like theirs, these siblings are meant to stay together.