This Two-legged Kitty is the Sweetest Thing Ever!

Get ready for a heaping dose of cuteness overload. Say hello to Lil’ Bunny Sue Roux, the two-legged cat and Instagram sensation who’s the sweetest thing you’ll ever see. We promise.

Roux is a Siamese mix cat born without her two front legs due to a rare condition called transverse terminal hemimelia. X-rays show her front legs stop at the humerus, or the upper front bone of the leg. Aside from that, she has a bobtail which is also a congenital abnormality. Surprisingly, this doesn’t slow her down at all. Despite her condition, Roux isn’t in any pain.

Roux may look and move differently than a normal cat would, but other than that, she’s A-ok! In fact, she’s able to function well and has adapted effortlessly to moving with only her two back legs. Vets say her mobility is great and her x-rays look healthy. She has strong back legs that can support her and lay back more flat on the ground much like a kangaroo’s. Roux moves by hopping around like a bunny, hence the name. She can eat on her own, jump high, run, and play.


Owner, Jackie Deak Akey says Roux “can be very independent, with an “I can do it myself!” cattitude, but other times she doesn’t mind a helpful assist. She is young and has a playful energy that comes in bursts. She is cuddliest at bedtime, when she purrs loudly for chin scratches. Roux is a happy and very sweet girl!”


Roux’s mom, Jackie, works at a vet clinic in uptown New Orleans. One of their clients runs an animal shelter, and two years ago, this client contacted her and asked if she wanted to adopt Roux. The client sent Jackie a photo of Roux and the moment Jackie laid eyes on her, it was love at first sight. As it turned out, Roux was surrendered to the shelter by a previous owner because she couldn’t bury her poop in a litter box due to her deformity. Jackie says, “This breaks my heart because she certainly tries as best she can with her nubs every time. They just are unfortunately not long enough to reach the litter”. Jackie adopted Roux when the cat was six months old, and they settled on April 15, 2014 as her birthday.


Since settling in perfectly with the Akeys, Roux has become an internet sensation. She has her own Instagram account and currently has more than 500,000 followers. Despite the fame, Roux still stays grounded and the same adorable kitty that can leap like lightning on two hind legs. For Roux’s family, she’s as beautiful, healthy, and normal as any cat can get. Jackie accepted Roux in a heartbeat—nubs, bobtail, and all, and has never been so grateful she came into their family’s lives, bringing them so much joy and laughter every day.

We’re all rooting for you, lil’ Roux! Live long and prospser.

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All images from lilbunnysueroux.