This Precious Kitten Is Super Loving And Protective Over Her New Big Sister

A rescue kitten finally found her forever home and was thriving with her new family. But there’s one special family member who she definitely loves the most.

Expanding The Family

Ariel, a mom of two young girls, was looking to adopt a cat as a new addition to their family. She thought it would be a good fit for her daughters, Mayson and Bree, and would help to teach them to love and care for a pet. Ariel did some research and found a place where she could possibly find a new feline.

After a little digging, Ariel found Beth Stern’s fostering program which allowed animal lovers to take in rescue pets. “On a whim, we emailed Beth to see if we might be a possible forever family fit,” the mom shared in an interview. She would soon discover if her family would be accepted as a part of the program.

Joy And Treasure

After an extensive interview, Ariel and her family were approved for the fostering program. Two tabby kittens, named Joy and Treasure, had been born to a cat in foster care, and Beth believed they would be a good fit for Ariel and her daughters. “We found out we were approved and were told we would be receiving Joy and Treasure because Beth believed they would do well in a home with young children,” the mom said.

Joy and Treasure were just two months old when they became a part of the family. They quickly developed a bond with their human sisters, Bree and Mayson. But little kitten Joy soon became close and protective of one sister in particular.

A Little Watchcat 

When Joy became a part of the family with her brother Treasure, she was loving with everyone. However, she formed a strong relationship with toddler Bree. “Joy and Bree have had a strong connection since the beginning,” Ariel admitted. “It’s as if Joy knows Bree is a toddler and understands she means well and loves her.”

Yes, Joy really is patient and very watchful. She follows Bree all around the house, and even into the bathroom! It’s as if the cat wants to make absolutely sure the toddler is always doing okay.

Peas In A Pod

Bree loves Joy just as much. The two often go for walks together, and Joy loves to watch Bree sing and play around the house. The two really are a perfect match.

Just like Joy is protective over her, Bree is very watchful over the cat as well. She’s learned to feed and brush both Joy and her brother Treasure to help care for them. At night, Bree tucks Joy into bed and kisses her good night. “Bree loves covering Joy with a blanket to make sure she’s comfy and warm,” Ariel said. “Bree is Joy’s person, and the patience and love she shows for her human sister never ceases to amaze me,” Ariel said.

Becoming Instafamous 

Both Joy and her brother Treasure are the stars of their own Instagram page with over 22,000 followers. On the social media page, Ariel shows the adventures, mishaps, and funny moments of this expanded family.

It’s been a little over a year since the cats became a part of the family, but Ariel is happy for the joy they’ve brought to their family. “I’m so incredibly grateful that my kids get to grow up with cats who are as relaxed, and as good with children as Joy and Treasure are.”