This Outdoorsy Dog And Cat Are BFFs

There’s nothing like the nuzzle of a wet nose to warm your heart and soothe your soul. Our pets are family, and their love is boundless and unconditional. They bring joy into our lives and make the good times better, and the sad times bearable. Home is where our fur babies are, right?

Cynthia Bennett often calls the inside of a tent home because that’s where she can be found doing what she loves most, camping after a day hike with her beloved dog and his cat.

Twitter / henrythecoloradodog

Cynthia adopted Henry when he was just a tiny pup back in 2014. Baby Henry waddled over and stretched out in her lap, making himself comfortable for a nap. That was all it took to steal Cynthia’s heart. He instantly became her whole world and they were inseparable. Being passionate about the outdoors, Cynthia and her boyfriend began taking Henry on hiking adventures from the minute she brought him home. Henry loves to explore new trails and enjoys the water.

Twitter / MorganMastiff

What does every family need more of? Kitten love! Cynthia and her boyfriend eventually decided that three was not complete, so they adopted a fourth member to the family. They found an insanely cute Siamese kitten and named him Baloo. Not your average cat, Baloo immediately became fast friends with Henry the dog. Baloo couldn’t get enough of his doggie kisses and snuggled him to sleep every night. They became partners in crime and Baloo quickly learned the ins and outs of exploring the great outdoors with his new best friend.

Twitter / desiree astorga

If these two don’t make you smile with glee then your heart is made of stone and ice runs through your veins. Their insanely cute pictures are making people squeal with feelings all over the world. Maybe Henry and Baloo’s beautiful friendship will be the inspiration we need for world peace. I wonder if our friends would consider doing a world tour for the sake of humanity?

Twitter / rainpanda

They were born to be in front of a camera, no? Here they are again doing their signature pose. Henry seems to really enjoy wearing his best buddy as a hat. Baloo has multiple purposes for his best friend’s giant head. He loves to use it as a cozy futon, a snuggly means of transportation, and most importantly, as the most amazing selfie prop of all time. I mean, who wouldn’t look cute next to Henry the dog? These guys are just dripping wet with cuteness.

Twitter / henrythecoloradodog

Henry the dog and Baloo the cat has taken best friend goals to the next level. Have you ever seen a pair so wildly photogenic? We see many things in their future. Perhaps they’ll invent their own pet selfie filter or a line of animal accessories for furry best friends. Whatever the future holds for this gorgeous pair, let’s hope Cynthia continues to take lots of amazing pictures and share their adventures with the world. We’re certain that Henry and Baloo will have more outrageous stories to share with their fans.