The Unlikely Bond Between A Possum And A Puppy

Strange animal stories happen in Australia, and this one is no exception. What do a golden retriever and a possum have in common? Bowie, the golden retriever, and his newfound baby possum friend proved that they have a lot in common.

Who Is Bowie?

Bowie is a golden retriever who lives in Sydney, Australia with his owner Jessica. While Jessica goes about her daily activities, Bowie usually entertains himself at home alone. Understandably, he’s excited when his human gets home.

Jessica Bird/ Caters News

After cuddling with Jessica, Bowie also loves to play outside. His backyard has plenty of wide open space, so he can play outside alone. That’s exactly what he was doing when his owner noticed something very strange.

What’s That Noise

A happy golden retriever playing outside can make a lot of noise. Jessica was inside when she heard noise coming from the backyard. She knew that Bowie was out there, but she assumed everything must have been okay because he didn’t bark and the noise eventually stopped.

What’s On Bowie’s Back?

When Bowie finally got tired of playing, he came inside, and Jessica found out what the noise had been. There was an adorable baby possum riding on Bowie’s back!

Story Trender

The possum was cuddled up to Bowie, and they both seemed to love every minute of it. For the next few days, Bowie acted as an adopted father for the possum. He allowed the cute critter to ride around on his back, and Bowie protected his new little friend.

How Did It Get There

Although the back of a big fluffy golden retriever is probably a very comfortable resting place for a little possum, it is a very unusual one as well. Jessica had noticed before that possums would hang around her yard and even climb on her roof from time to time.

One of those possums had a litter of jacks and jills (That’s what possum babies are called.) and Jessica believes that the mother possum was climbing on the roof with her babies on her back. In case you’re wondering, it’s completely normal for possums to carry their babies on their backs. Bowie’s possum friend must have fallen off of his mother’s back. Thankfully, Bowie was there, so the possum fell on his back rather than on the ground.

All Good Things Must Come To An End

Like any good mother, the mother possum must have been searching for her lost baby. Bowie and his adopted son were out in the backyard one day, and Momma possum came along.

Fortunately, all the animals stayed calm. Possums can be a little scrappy from time to time, but that was not the case here. The possum simply took her baby off of Bowie’s back, and everybody went about their business…sort of.

Poor Bowie

Jessica says that Bowie was so heartbroken that he moped for the next few days. In a short time, Bowie formed a close bond with his marsupial friend.

Jessica Bird/ Caters News

In a short time, the dog had formed a close bond with his marsupial friend. Happily, Bowie is back to his usual self.