Smart Dog Refuses to Leave the Park, Gains Sympathy From the Audience

Dogs love parks. That is a fact. In fact, we’ve never met a dog that didn’t love the park. And if you’re a responsible dog parent, you probably walk your dog to the nearby park as often as you can. If you do, then you’re probably familiar with the “stay-just-a-bit-longer-please” tactic dogs are prone to employ when it’s time to leave the park and head home. Tactics may very depending on your dog’s personality. Some dogs just lie down and pretend they’re glued to the ground, while others imagine they’re trees that formed roots underground and refuse to budge even when you tug at their leash. There’s this one dog, though, that’s perfected his own stay-in-the-park tactic. His secret? Superb acting skills and an irresistible charisma that never fails to gain sympathy from anyone. This dog will definitely make it big in Hollywood.

Watch the lengths one clever canine will go through not to leave the park.