Six-Year Old Has Rescued Hundreds of Shelter Dogs

Stories of successful dog rescues are always awesome no matter the circumstances. But what’s even more awesome is to hear of a little boy who’s made it his mission to rescue dogs and deliver them into good, loving homes. That’s Roman’s specialty.

Roman is like any other fun-loving and energetic six-year-old. But unlike any other six-year-old, he saves dogs from high-kill shelters. It all started on his fourth birthday. Instead of asking for gifts, he asked for donations for a dog rescue that he saw on the local PetSmart. He loved the experience so much that he’s been doing it ever since.

Two years later, Roman and his mom, Jennifer McConn, now head Project Freedom Ride, where they transport dogs from high-kill shelters in Texas all the way to Washington and straight to their new families or humane centers. They also make videos of Roman introducing and interacting with the dogs to show off their unique personalities and entice potential adopters. In 2017 alone, they have had a total of 720 dogs adopted. How amazing is that??! And Roman is not showing any signs of stopping, probably not any time soon.

Roman is happy saving dogs and he loves what he does. You can clearly see it in his eyes. His momma is so proud of him and so are we. Keep going, Roman!

To know more about Project Freedom Ride and how you can help, check out their Facebook page.

Watch Roman at work giving dogs new homes: