Multi-talented Australian Shepherd is a Yogi (Among Other Things)

If you’re passionate about yoga and pets, you might have already heard of some version of yoga with pets like goat yoga, or doga, which is…yup, you guessed it right–dog yoga! Pet yoga usually doesn’t require your dog or whatever pet to do the poses with you. You do the poses as normal while your pet stands by for moral support or, in some cases, as a prop you can balance when you do the more challenging poses. No pet that we know so far has ever done yoga poses with their human partner. Well, that was the case until we came across a dog named Secret.

Secret, a gorgeous and smart Australian Shepherd, is also a yogi. Or, maybe a dogi in this case. She does legit yoga poses with her mom, Mary Peters, and not just the normal downward facing dog. Mary teaches Secret yoga poses challenging even for humans. Just watch her videos on Instagram, and you’ll know without a doubt, that this dog is a yoga pro. She even has her own yoga mat and rolls it out by herself too. Really well-mannered. But this canine’s incredible talent does not stop there. Since Mary has Irish roots, she taught Secret basic Irish dance steps, which comes in handy on St. Patrick’s Day. Secret also knows how to paint, play the piano, do chores with Mary, and even perform a mock CPR rescue.

Mary shares every new trick Secret learns on Instagram. And it seems that they’ve only scratched the surface of what Secret can do. This is one heck of a super dog that we predict will do more awesomely jaw-dropping things in the future. Maybe even become the first female dog president? Who knows??! Sky’s the limit for Secret.

Watch Secret do her yoga moves (and other things) with mom, Mary: