Meet Gimo—the wide-eyed cat

We’ve seen our fair share of the cutest cats in the world. But there’s still room for one more. Gimo the wide-eyed cat is sure to steal your heart once you feast your eyes on him.

This is Gimo, a black Scottish Fold feline dubbed as “the cat with the biggest eyes ever”. He is the latest in a long line of the cutest cats in the internet.

Gimo is a playful and affectionate cat. He lives with his owner and two other cats in an apartment in South Korea. He and his “siblings” are bonafide Instagram celebrities.

Some people say he looks like an owl, a Totoro, and Gizmo the cute gremlin.


He is too adorable for words. Everything about him is cute from his penchant for standing on his back legs and his saucer-sized roving eyes, to his sneaky surprise attacks and irresistible Puss-in-boots pose.

Who can resist that face? You’d want to cuddle with this cutie and take him home with you.

If you can’t get enough of Gimo cuteness, follow him and his kitty pals on Instagram.