Kitten Rescued From Winter Cold Rejoins Surviving Sibling

Life for a homeless kitten can be fraught with hard luck and peril, especially when wintry weather appears. When a woman spied a barely moving, and half-starved kitten lying on the cold street, she had to do something to help. A male kitten was rushed to a veterinary clinic for emergency care, as the poor creature was close to death’s door. A volunteer of the local rescue organization, Chatons Orphelins Montreal hurried to scoop up the kitten in need.

Freezing, Scared, And Alone

Staff was anxious that the kitten wouldn’t survive, as he was severely underweight and undernourished, weighing only 470 grams instead of 1.3 kilograms. In an unfamiliar place, weak, and lacking food for days, the kitten struggled to hold on to life.

Staff at the Chatons Orphelins Montreal cleaned up the feline, administered antibiotics, and fed him by syringe.

Watching And Waiting

The kitten was wrapped up with a blanket, coupled with a heating pad, to keep him toasty and revive him back to health. Celine Crom, a spokesperson for the rescue and the kitten’s state of health, commented that he “wouldn’t have survived another night in the cold.”

Chatons Orphelin Montreal

The rescue was named Kurt, and he could barely keep his eyes open. The first 24 hours everyone kept a close watch on Kurt. Staff fed the kitten every three hours until his appetite slowly returned.

Nursed Back To Health

After three harrowing days, Kurt was well enough to eat a dish of cat food and began to gain weight. While Kurt was being cared for by the staff at Chatons Orphelins Montreal, the rescue operation received an alert about a mother cat and her kittens.

Chatons Orphelin Montreal

Staff believed that Kurt might be related, as the cats were in the same location where Kurt was rescued. Sadly, when rescue staff arrived on the scene, one of Kurt’s siblings did not survive the brutal temperatures. The staff did not give up hope looking for Kurt’s mom and sibling.

Purr-fectly Reunited At Last

After searching for the mother and her kitten for a few days, the pair was found hiding out on a rooftop. The mom and her kitten did not come to the staff easily, but with the assistance of the homeowner, they managed to be placed into custody. The mother was sent to a rescue for street cats, but Kurt happily reconnected to his sister, named Kat.

Chatons Orphelin Montreal

At first sight, Kurt immediately recognized his sibling, despite being apart for four weeks. The dynamic duo was inseparable, and spent time bonding and keeping close to one another while in foster care.

Bonded Pair Awaits Loving Home

Kurt and Kat enjoy playing around and cuddling, or Kurt spends time grooming his sister. Looking at Kurt and Kat, it would be difficult to imagine them suffering in the freezing cold of Montreal, Canada, trying to survive despite the odds. Staff describes Kurt as being outgoing and mischievous, while his sister Kat is a bit more reserved.

Chatons Orphelin Montreal

The two siblings are thriving and healthy under the watchful care of the staff at Chatons Orphelins Montreal. The pair awaits a forever home with a loving family, where they can continue to live happily together.