Kitten Born With Unique Condition Loves To Cuddle Up With Her Rescuer

A kitten born with a special condition was struggling to survive on the streets. She finally rescued and was slowly on the road to the recovery. Over time, the kitten regained her strength and developed a great love for the person who rescued her.

A Special Kitten

Little Tate was a polydactyl born with a few extra toes. She was discovered wandering the streets of Philadelphia, but the shelter that found her was unable to keep her. Jen Mack, the founder of Kitkat Playroom, a nonprofit rescue, traveled from New Jersey to take care of Tate.

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The kitten was super cute but was also in dire straits. At just two weeks old, she was extremely underweight and also had hydrocephalus. It’s a condition where excess cerebral spinal fluid builds up in the brain. However, Jen was determined to get Tate through it.

Fighting For Life

Tate ended up going through two surgeries to remove the excess fluid. After that, doctors decided to do a risky but life-changing operation on the kitten’s brain. A magnetic adjustable shunt was placed in her brain to drain the fluid without constant surgery.

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It was rough but the little kitten stayed strong. Jen was really impressed. “At nine weeks old, [Tate] had been through two brain procedures and one brain operation that’d never been performed on a kitten as small as she was,” she shared in an interview. “She wanted to bounce and play. She has no idea there’s something different about her.”

Road To Recovery

After her operations, Tate took time to recover. She mostly napped throughout the day but would take a little time to roam around and play with Jen. Over time, the kitten’s energy continuously grew.

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At 14 weeks, Tate finally seemed to be back to normal. Her condition got better, her weight had increased and she seemed a lot happier. Not only did the kitten become more energized, but Jen saw that Tate was also growing into a very affectionate cat.

Cuddly Kitty  

More and more, Tate begged for Jen’s attention with purrs. Surprisingly, the little kitten wanted to cuddle with her loving rescuer. Tate never did that before, but Jen absolutely loves it.

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Tate loves to sleep with Jen instead of her actual bed. “My morning began early to the sounds of this one, meowing for me to wake up,” Jen revealed. “My night ended much the same way, with her snuggled under the covers with me. I never thought she’d ever want to snuggle, but here we are.”

Making Strides

Vets have been pleasantly surprised by Tate’s recovery. She was the smallest kitten to go through this shunt surgery and survive. Not only is she surviving but she’s thriving.

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Tate has made other kitty friends at Kitkat Playroom and is more trusting. She also has gotten a lot stronger. “She has never so much as climbed a single stair until one morning when she decided to climb all the stairs,” Jen said of the kitten. “She did it twice and surprised me in my bedroom when I turned around and there she was.” Glad to see things are looking up for little Tate!