Jack Russell Takes a Nosedive at Crufts But Comes Out a Winner

Sometimes in life even though you give your best in what you do, it isn’t good enough. You didn’t get that promotion, you flunked the test, you lost the game, your performance sucked. It’s natural to feel upset when this happens, but what matters is what you do about it. You can either bask in your bitter disappointment and self-loathing, and stay in bed and watch Netflix all day (sometimes that’s not too bad at all). Or, you could roll with the punches (literally and figuratively) like Olly, the Jack Russell terrier who took a nosedive at the recent dog show at Crufts and emerged a winner.

To make it clear, Olly did not win best in show. Olly tripped at one of the obstacles in the Rescue Dog Agility course. He took a dive to the ground but got back up to his feet again quick as lightning as if nothing happened, and went on powering through the course. He was all over the place, but everyone loved him, even the Crufts announcer who couldn’t stop laughing. His perky energy, smiling face, and determination to finish the course despite his little boo-boo make Olly a winner in our hearts. According to Olly, keep going on no matter what.

We could all learn to maneuver through life like Olly and that Tubthumping song:

I get knocked down, but I get up again

You are never gonna keep me down 

Olly and Chumbawamba got that right!

Watch Olly’s fall and rise to glory: