Jack Russell Makes an Almost Smooth Comeback at Crufts 2018

Remember that Jack Russell terrier who took a not-so-embarrassing nosedive at Crufts 2017? The one with over 10 million hits on YouTube? Olly, yes that’s his name! Olly made a comeback at Crufts 2018 and went on another go at the Rescue Dog Agility course. So how did he do? Absolutely smashing…well, almost! Everything seemed to be going so well up until the point when he started winging it Olly-style. Freestyle. But that doesn’t seem to matter at all since the crowd is still cheering and the same male announcer obviously still loves him. This dog is the perfect example of how we should take some of life’s failures in stride. Not every failure is a cause for tears and disappointment. Olly can show us how.

Watch this video and cheer for Olly again in the recent Crufts 2018: