Husky Saves Dying Kitten, Adopts Her for Life

Nobody thought one dying kitten would live, and nobody thought a dog could save her. This is the story of Rosie the rescue cat and Lilo the husky, two very different animals fated to be forever BFFs.

Once abandoned and on the brink of death, Rosie was taken in by sisters who fostered kittens, and brought back to life by their loving husky, Lilo. As soon as Lilo saw Rosie, she was in full-on mommy mode and took over caring for Rosie in a way that her human caregivers couldn’t. It turned out that this kind of care was all the magic needed to keep Rosie alive. Lilo’s love and hands-on mothering┬áhave allowed Rosie┬áto blossom and become a life-loving and fearless adventure cat.

Watch this video to find out how Rosie and Lilo are living life to the fullest.

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