How to Make a Cardboard House for Box-loving Cats

If you’re a long-time cat owner, you already know that cats LOVE boxes. Big time. They go gaga over boxes especially when they see them just lying around…theirs for the taking!

It can be any kind—big, small, new, old—it doesn’t matter, as long as it’s a box. They have a number of uses for it. For cats, a box is a scratch post, a bed, a house, a jump-off point, a hiding spot, a look-out post, a sanctuary, and also, THE private place to do their business.

Cats just LOVE boxes. And it’s our duty as their cat parents to provide them with an endless supply of boxes. To give the ultimate box to your cardboard-obsessed feline, here’s an easy tutorial (pesky cats included) on how to make a cardboard house for cats.