Here Are Some Sure Signs To Tell If Your Cat Is Happy

Parents to adorable cats, of course, want to make sure their fur babies are doing well. Cats are independent creatures that often go do their own thing, which can sometimes give off mixed messages to their owners. However, there are some clear signs that your cat is happy and enjoying life.

Watch That Body Language

From their eyes and ears to their fur and body movements, cats share their emotions through their body. A cat resting with his eyes half closed shows that he is relaxed and not threatened. Another example of a happy cat is his steady eye contact and blinking. It shows that he enjoys the presence of his owner or other company.

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Cats also hold their whiskers slightly forward when joyful, keeping their tail relaxed. If a cat is extra happy, you might see his tail standing straight up with the tip a little crooked.

Playful Spirit

Happy cats love to play with and explore new toys, such as balls, tall scratching pots, and feather wands. They may even want to explore different areas around the house. If a cat is in a good mood, he will typically be happy to see human faces and want to play. If comfortable and trusting of you, the cat will be engaged with you as you attempt to interact.

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Most kittens are very curious and happy to play all of the time. They are new to the world and learning what things are. Older cats may not play as much as energized kittens, but if you give them a new or favorite toy, you may catch an excited twinkle in their eye.

Talking It Out

Believe it or not, cats do express themselves verbally. In fact, they can hold some long conversations if they’re up to it. You just have to be paying attention.

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A happy cat generally gives more of a high-pitched noise or purr, or possibly just remain silent. However, a cat that is upset or frustrated might let out a lower-pitched sound to express his discontentment.

Hearty Appetite

A cat that is in a good mood typically has a healthy appetite. He may even try to trick you into giving him more treats or food in an attempt to play games.

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However, if you find your cat is eating too much, it could be a sign that he is bored, depressed, or lonely. Much like humans sometimes do, cats can use food as a coping mechanism to deal with stress or unhappiness. Also, if you notice a sudden drop in your cat’s appetite, that may be an indication that something is wrong and that he needs to be checked out.

Cuddle Buddy

Though cats aren’t necessarily known for being the most cuddly creatures all of the time, they have their moments. Happy cats like to rub against their owners or even sometimes cuddle to mark their territory.

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At this moment, a cat is claiming you as his possession. He is trusting of you and happy to be in your presence. He may even be craving more attention from you by doing this.