Google Street ‘Dog View’ Launched in Japan

One of the best and most memorable ways to travel and tour an unfamiliar place is to let a local take you around. Google Japan definitely agrees, and they’ve come up with a new way to go sightseeing. They’ve recently launched Google Street ‘Dog View’, which is a much better way of saying you’re gonna let a furry four-legged local be your tour guide on a virtual tour of the city!

Google Street Dog View lets you tour parts of the city of Odate, located in Akita prefecture in Japan, from the point of view of…what else but a local Akita, of course! The Akita breed is aptly named for the place they came from, which is Akita, Japan. These big, fluffy, unwaveringly loyal and adventurous dogs will weave playfully through the snow-capped landscapes and walk through the city streets showing you the popular tourist spots, unique sites,¬†and secret places only true locals like them know best.

Thinking of traveling to Akita soon? Let these adorable four-legged locals show you the best Akita has to offer: