You’ll Get Lost in This Kitty’s Baby Blues

Elizabeth Taylor’s famed violet doe eyes have nothing on this kitty’s gorgeous baby blues. Meet Coby—the world’s most beautiful cat.

Coby, a British Shorthair cat, has fluffy fur as white as snow and the bluest eyes of them all. This beauty models for his mama on the side and has earned over a million followers on Instagram. Like other owners of internet sensation cats, Coby’s owner, NYC art director Rebecca Schefkind, says she didn’t expect Coby to become one. What started out as a joke—creating an Instagram account for her cat—soon turned into 150K followers and offers of free food and supplies from sponsors. That was when she started taking it a little bit seriously. Schefkind wrote on her blog that she “went full on crazy cat lady” for Coby.

We get her, though. Just one look at Coby and it’s no wonder how he can make a crazy cat lady out of anyone.

See for yourself why Coby is the fairest cat of them all.

If cat modeling was a normal profession, Coby would surely be THE top model. He’s already a natural at modeling H to T. Mama Tyra would be proud.

This cat could model towels or bubble bath foam and it’ll sell like hotcakes.

He always likes to dress to impress…

bar the times he’s not impressed!

He even looks cool in PJs or a gangsta hoodie.

He doesn’t need to put on eyeliner. He already has effortlessly chic and natural cat eyes lots of girls would envy.

Close-up shots are gold!

He’s a master of candid & cute poses.

He even looks cute upside down.

And he always knows he’s waaay too cute no matter what he does.

For more on Coby’s modeling gigs, check out his websiteInstagram and Facebook page.

All images from Coby the Cat.