Funny Husky Blames Brother For Pooping In The House

It’s easy to love a puppy. One look at those wiggly bottoms and clumsy paws makes our hearts go boom. But the puppy training? That’s what causes people so much grief. We spend countless hours at the park and in training classes with our fur babies teaching them how to be good boys. So, it’s no wonder that occasionally we lose our marbles when we come home to a half-eaten couch and a pile of processed kibble on the carpet. That’s just part of the pet life!

Unsplash / S A R A H ✗ S H A R P

Yukon And Cooper

It’s a good thing for Yukon and Cooper that they have a mom with a great sense humor. This pet owner takes things in stride. In this adorable video, the guys are seen growing excited as their mom approaches. Soon, though, they realize that she is upset by the tone in her voice. Mom asks very pointedly about who pooped on the floor as she pans the camera over to the scene of the crime. Both dogs look concerned, but play dumb. Mom, however, isn’t giving up on the investigation.

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Et Tu, Brute?

Cracking under the pressure, Yukon decides to blow Cooper into the authorities. In the cutest act of betrayal, Yukon places a paw on Cooper’s back, indicating him as the culprit. Cooper, of course, immediately puts on his guilty face. The whole scene is made even more hilarious when Yukon goes the extra mile to be sure that his name has been cleared, by pointing to Cooper’s back again for a second tattle-taling! These husky brothers are a hoot!

Pixabay / iannnnn

The Fun Loving Husky

The fun and playful spirit of Yukon and Cooper comes naturally to them. Their breed, the Siberian Husky, is known for both working hard and playing even harder. Huskies love people and children. They are never shy to show how much they love and enjoy their families. An incredibly affectionate and athletic dog, they are suited for both domestic life and mushing trails through the wilderness. Guard duty, however, is not one of their specialties.

Pixabay / Monicore


Most people associate these beautiful creatures with Alaska and sledding. Originally bred in Northeast Asia, the animals first appeared in Alaska pulling sleds to deliver supplies. The Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race, the most famous dog sled race in the world, helped to propel the husky to fame and popularity. While they are most certainly at home in the cold and snow, they are capable of adapting to life in milder climates. However, it’s not likely that these well insulated beauties would be very happy lounging on the beach in Miami.

Pixabay / Reinhardi


The Siberian Husky is best remembered for their ethereal eyes. Most of these dogs are gifted with a stunning pair of peepers that glow with shades of turquoise, amber, or sky blue. Their beauty lends them a sense of mystery that makes them appear almost magical in certain light. These spirited animals bring great joy to their families and anyone who has the pleasure of watching them play.