Fearless Feline Duo Go on Adventures with Their Humans

Dogs are the best pets known to travel with their humans, but these two feline brothers are currently blazing a trail. Meet Bolt and Keel. These cool cats are living an adventurous travel life with their owners Danielle Gumbley and Kayleen VanderRee.

Kayleen and her friend Danielle first discovered Bolt and Keel when they were four weeks old, abandoned in a bush behind the garbage bins of a local park. They were supposed to bring them to the local animal shelter, but it was closed at that time. They had a previously scheduled two-day camping, canoeing, and hiking trip the next day, so they just decided to take the two cats with them. Surprisingly, the cats behaved well during the trip, even for first-timers, and they all got along so well that Danielle and Kayleen were convinced to keep them. It was the first of their many adventures together.

Danielle and Kayleen are both cat lovers. They love the outdoors and spend as much time as they can going on nature trips and adventures together. Now, they have two adorable, furry tag-alongs with them on their trips. Bolt and Keen have both adapted seamlessly into the girls’ adventurous, outdoorsy lifestyle, that they take the cats with them wherever they go. Right now, they’re focused on getting around the Pacific Northwest which they call home.

Despite the rejection early on in their lives, Bolt and Keel have grown to become fearless, endlessly curious, eager, and affectionate. Whenever they go out, Danielle and Kayleen ensure the cats’ safety by always keeping them on a leash and bundled especially during the colder months. The cats even have their own brightly colored coats to protect them from the elements, and life vests for when they go sailing. When they’re tired or can’t keep up, Danielle and Kayleen carry the cats snugly in front of their coats or in their backpacks. There’s no doubt Bolt and Keel’s safety and welfare are always at the forefront of their loving owners’ minds.


Bolt has a kink in his tail shaped like a bolt, and was named after a climbing rock because Danielle loves rock climbing. Keel was named after the keel of a sailboat because Kayleen loves sailing. They now have their own book of adventures together. But their ultimate goal is still to be on the Ellen Show. So Ellen, if you’re reading this…*hint*hint.

Bolt and Keel, we wish you a lot more awesome adventures and catnip! Follow Bolt and Keel’s adventures with Danielle and Kayleen on Instagram.

Watch this interview with Danielle and Kayleen on YouTube.