Decoding Your Dog’s Bark: Going Beyond the Woof and the Arf

Did you know that there are different kinds of dog barks? And nope, dog language is not just limited to “woof” and “arf”. Just like there are different kinds of cat sounds that have their own meanings, dog barks can also mean different things.

In this informative video, Alexandra Horowitz, an animal psychologist from Columbia University, sets the record straight on what different types of dog barks could mean. Looking at the context of a dog’s bark or any kind of vocalization is the key. Dogs bark for a number of reasons. They usually bark¬†when they want to express their feelings to us, when they want attention (right now!), or when they’re telling us there’s an intruder or something suspicious nearby. But dog bark meanings aren’t just limited to those.

Get to know how to decode your dog’s (and other dogs’) bark, and you’ll get to understand your dog better.