Curly-Haired Rescue Kitten Refuses To Leave The Woman Who Saved His Life

A volunteer truly had a love of rescue animals, helping to foster them as they regained strength and found homes. Little did she know that one kitten would change her life forever.

A Heart For Rescues

Amanda Kruczynski works tirelessly at the Broward County Animal Care and Adoption Center in Fort Lauderdale, FL. As a foster volunteer, she helps to rehabilitate rescue animals until they can find their forever homes with new families. Amanda and her husband would take rescues into their home, caring for them until they could be adopted.

The woman knew the job, and she also knew not to get too attached. She was taught that saying goodbye was the ultimate goal. “You’re responsible for taking these pets into your home until they’re healthy enough, confident enough, big enough to go onto their forever homes,” Amanda said in an interview “So, it’s true. There is good in goodbye until goodbye isn’t an option. Until the pet chooses you.” She realized just how true that was when an adorable kitten made his way into her life.

A Feline Family Found

One day, a cat and her six kittens were found in the rain and brought to Broward County Animal Care. Amanda learned about the feline family, discovering that the mom had FIV, feline immunodeficiency virus. Thankfully, the kittens tested negative. Amanda took the family home to help nurse them back to health.

Shortly after, the cats were discovered to have panleukopenia, which can be deadly. Though the mom, unfortunately, didn’t make it, the kittens pulled through. Soon they would all be adopted. However, there was one special kitten in the litter that Amanda couldn’t say goodbye to.

The Runt Of The Litter

One little kitten of the bunch, later named Meeseeks, had major struggles. He was the runt of the litter, much smaller than his siblings. In fact, when Amanda first brought him to her home, he weighed less than half a pound and could barely move.

The poor kitten often just stayed curled up in a little ball, fitting into the palm of Amanda’s hand. Meeseeks also struggled with chronic vomiting along with his panleukopenia. Amanda knew she would have to keep a close eye on him.

An Unbreakable Bond

As he got a little stronger, Meeseeks grew quite attached to his foster mom. He enjoyed cuddling with her and was always waiting for her when she left. He loved her greatly, and the feeling was mutual. “Meeseeks stood out to me for so many reasons,” Amanda shared. “No matter where I went, he would follow me; if I closed a door he’d be there when I opened it. It was almost like he was protecting me, standing guard.”

Their bond was so strong that, when the time came for Meeseeks to be adopted, Amanda couldn’t bear to part with him. “The day we went to the shelter to say our goodbyes, I hesitated,” she said. “I’d never hesitated before. He looked up at me from the mass of fluffy siblings in his carrier and basically signed the adoption papers himself.”

Fighting For Life 

Amanda and her husband officially adopted little Meeseeks, and enjoy him being a part of their family. Now, Meeseeks is a little over a year old. He’s actually very energetic now and loves to play. And, of course, Meeseeks is still very attached to his human mom. “At night time he knows where I sleep and will scratch on my pillow until I let him under the covers,” Amanda admitted.

However, the cat isn’t out of the woods yet. He was diagnosed with feline gastrointestinal eosinophilic sclerosing fibroplasia, something he’ll live with for the rest of his life. However, Amanda calls him a fighter, who is staying strong through steroids and B12 injections. “Even after everything we’ve been through, I would never regret adopting him, even for a second,” she said. “There’s no way to know how long he has here with us but [if] he’s fought through this much already, [there are] no reasons to doubt that he’ll keep on fighting.”