Couple’s Beach Vacation Turns Into a Dog Rescue Mission

Megan Rose and her boyfriend go for a vacation in the Dominican Republic once a year. On their very recent vacation, everything was going swimmingly until she saw a dog lying on the beach. Rumba the homeless dog, was hungry and thirsty when they first met, but that didn’t stop them from having an instantaneous connection. It seemed like fate. Then they saw Pappi the puppy at the beach, who apparently, was also Rumba’s buddy. Suddenly, one rescue dog became two rescue dogs.

The initial plan was to get the dogs into the US and put them up for adoption. Megan already had two border collies waiting for her at home, Rosie and Pharell. But there was just something about Rumba she couldn’t resist. And just like that–Rumba found her forever home with Megan. She gained a mom, a dad, plus a brother and a sister all after a couple’s beach trip. Now that’s fate.

Watch Rumba’s incredible and unexpected rescue story:

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To help the non-profit shelter that helped Rumba and Pappi, check out Collares Rojos.