Cat Returned For Showing “Too Much Love” Finally Finds His Forever Family

A poor cat was sent off to an animal rescue for apparently needing too much attention. Well now, he has all the love and attention he can get from his new family!

Too Needy?

A sweet cat by the name of Jacque was dropped off at Michigan Cat Rescue at the age of three. It wasn’t that he was aggressive or doing harm to anyone. No, the kitty’s previous owner just couldn’t stand all of the love and attention he wanted.

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Jacque loved to try to sit on her lap and this woman wasn’t having it. After a year together, the owner gave him up to the rescue. “All he wanted was a lap to sit on. She didn’t want him to cuddle with her and she didn’t want him anymore,” Michigan Cat Rescue shared in an interview.

Let The Search Begin

Though the cat was a bit confused at his new shelter, he soon captured the hearts of all that worked there. The workers showered him with cuddles and affection. The rescue was all the more determined to find Jacque a home that would love and support him. “He is a great cat who needed the right home and a second chance,” Nancy of Michigan Cat Rescue said.

Facebook / Michigan Cat Rescue

The rescue began posting about the cat on social media, sharing his sad story on Facebook. “This cat is heartbroken… it hurts us that he was rejected this way,” the post read. “This beautiful boy needs A NEW HOME, with something called “unconditional love.”

An Outpour of Love

So many people quickly reached out in support of Jacque. “Who the heck adopts a pet but doesn’t want it to do pet things?” one user exclaimed. “He deserves so much better than his previous owner!!” another person said. “I hope he finds the best home that he deserves!!!”

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So many applications to adopt Jacque flooded into the rescue that volunteers had to stop accepting them. They reviewed the ones that they had and seemed to find the perfect match for this loving cat.

A New Family

A woman by the name of Liz had impressed workers with her application. A few weeks after she first submitted her paperwork, the rescue called her and her family to come in to meet Jacque. They instantly fell in love with the cat, and the feeling was mutual.

Facebook / Michigan Cat Rescue

Jacque crawled right into Liz’s husband’s lap where he was greeted with hugs. Everyone knew that this was the right family for this loving cat. He would never be returned for being “a lap cat.”

Finally Home

Jacque has been adjusting quite nicely to his new home. Liz and her family spoil the cat rotten, giving him lots of cuddles and attention, which is all he ever wanted.

Facebook / Michigan Cat Rescue

“He’s doing very well and we just love him so much. He has a fur brother who is a little older than he has become quite close to,” Liz said. “The grandkids have met him and my soon-to-be 3-year-old grandson just sits and pets him and hugs him. He calls him Joe.” After all this time, Jacque finally has a place to call home.