Cat Lover Couple Foster Blind Cats

It’s always good to hear about people fostering cats and finding good homes for them. But what’s even better? A couple who focuses on fostering blind cats, of course!

Grace and Mark have been animal lovers, and especially cat lovers for a long time. But the turning point in Grace’s life and eventually Mark’s life as well, was when they read the book “Homer’s Odyssey: Odyssey of a Blind Cat” by author Gwen Cooper. The book is about the life of a blind cat who nobody wanted until he was adopted by Gwen. It made such a huge impact on Grace and helped her find her true calling: to foster blind cats and find them loving homes. Just watching how her cats navigate their home is so cool and awesome! It’s like they have a sixth sense–they can avoid obstacles so fluidly, play fetch, and run around just like a regular cat that can see.

Want to see it to believe it? You definitely will when you watch Grace and Mark’s cat story: