Cats and Books–the Perfect Combination

For cat lovers who are also book lovers, there’s no greater combination than cats and books. If you have both in your life, you feel like nothing else matters. Fortunately for us, there’s one place where you can get both for the price of peanuts.

Cupboard Maker Books, a secondhand bookstore in Enola, Pennsylvania, is THE place for local bibliophiles. But the books aren’t just the main attraction here. Lurking in corners, strutting on overhead cat walks, and sprawling on book shelves are cats waiting for their forever human.

The cats are from a no-kill shelter, Castaway Critters. All cats are up for adoption, except for the official store cats, Squeekie, and his lady friend, Princess. Squeekie, in particular, was chosen for his impeccable “people skills”. He’s good with everyone, be it visitors or staff. Squeekie is a local celebrity and now has his own books, “The First Nine Lives of Squeekie the Bookstore Cat” and “The Second and Third Nine Lives of Squeekie the Bookstore Cat”.

If interested, all you need to do is pick out your books, pick out your cat, sign up the adoption papers at Castaway Critters, and you’re ready to bring your two loves home with you.

Over a hundred cats have already been adopted from Cupboard Maker Books. And they’re still going strong.

To adopt a cat from Cupboard Maker Books, check out their website. Follow Squeekie the bookstore cat’s adventures on Instagram and Facebook.

Check out how cats came to be at Cupboard Maker Books: