Caring Neighbor Changes Life Of Overweight Dog and 90-Year-Old Owner

Do you still believe in practicing kindness? One woman became an angel in the life of a chubby chihuahua and her nonagenarian owner after she realized they could both use a little help. There’s nothing more heartwarming than a story revolving around dogs, old people, and ordinary people doing good things.

Companion In Need

Buddy was such a loyal chihuahua to his 90-year-old owner, that he couldn’t bear with the idea of leaving their side. Since Buddy’s owner was no longer as agile as they used to be, the chihuahua had grown grossly overweight because of a lack of daily walks.

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Little did Buddy know, but his life was going to be changed by a woman named Steph. Buddy wasn’t too excited to play around, and would even become winded when struggling to walk across a room. Steph knew that both Buddy and his owner need help, so she wanted to do what she could.

To Save A Life

If no one stepped in to walk Buddy on a daily basis, Steph realized that the dog’s health would continue to suffer. Dogs like Buddy that are obese from lack of exercise can experience digestive problems, joint pain, and have a shorter lifespan.

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Steph could see from how Buddy interacted with his owner, that the chihuahua loved being a furry companion. If the owner couldn’t walk Buddy, then Steph could make herself available to ensure Buddy would get outdoors every day. Once Buddy could get back into an exercise regimen, he would be able to lose weight and enjoy more time with his owner.

Moving From Flab To Fit

Steph committed to volunteering to walk Buddy every day, but he wasn’t too thrilled at first. Despite Steph’s efforts to put a leash on the chihuahua to take a walk outdoors, Buddy dug in his heels to stay close to his owner.

Steph would cradle Buddy in her arms and walk him down the block, and encouraged him to walk back home on his own. Over time, Buddy began to look forward to walks and didn’t resist the leash.

New Leash On Life

After an amazing six months of walking Buddy, the chihuahua was a new dog. Buddy had not only managed to become comfortable walking more often, but he even could sprint.

Thanks to Steph’s efforts to step in and help a dog and elderly person in need, their lives were a little bit brighter. Buddy and Steph continue their walking dates, and the elderly owner enjoys Buddy’s companionship.

The Power Of Ordinary

Steph’s actions prove that you don’t have to do the most amazing things to change a life. Volunteering to help a dog and a senior was a simple act of kindness. Ordinary people like Steph, who step up to the challenge to be of service to others, help make the world a better place.

Getting around when elderly can be difficult, and it may be challenging to find someone willing to help. Buddy, the chihuahua, got a new walking companion and showed the world how small actions bring significant changes.