Baby Possum Chooses Golden Retriever For Foster Dad

Golden retrievers are a family-friendly breed, as they have an excellent disposition with kids and old people. It turns out that golden retrievers are quick to become foster parents, as one woman in Australia discovered. When a baby possum became separated from its mother, Bowie, a golden retriever immediately went on parent duty like he was born ready.

One Wild Friday Night

Jessica Bird, age 29, is an operations manager from Sydney and the owner of 1-year old Bowie, a golden retriever. Jessica was comfortable letting Bowie explore the backyard around their home, but when native wildlife made an appearance inside her home, she didn’t know what to expect. Jessica freaked out when she noticed something small and strange was clinging to Bowie’s neck.

Jessica didn’t know what type of creature had hitched a ride on her dog but was surprised at Bowie’s calm demeanor. Jessica mustered the courage to get a closer look at her dog, assuming that maybe a bat had latched onto Bowie’s coat. To Jessica’s surprise, a baby possum was clinging to Bowie, and Bowie seemed pretty chill about having a new addition to the family.

Never Let Me Go

After a hard day’s work, Jessica was looking forward to spending a night in relaxing. When Bowie jumped onto the couch with a possum on his neck, Jessica went into panic mode.

Daily Mail

Seeing Bowie’s calm but slightly confused face made her do some thinking. She knew that possums often liked to hang out on the roof of the house, and before Bowie had come inside for the evening, there had been some scuffling noises.

Crash Pad Dad

Jessica figured that the baby possum managed to tumble off of the roof, and landed safely on Bowie’s warm and fluffy body. Being a baby, the scared but grateful possum took Bowie for its mom and didn’t want to let go of its newfound parent.

Jessica Bird / Caters News

Jessica got Bowie to relinquish his fatherly duties and put the possum back onto the rooftop. It didn’t take long for the mama to come for her missing baby, and Jessica figured life would return to normal.

Parental Dreams Deflated

Jessica may have been relieved that the possum reconnected to their mom out in the wild, but Bowie felt differently. The golden retriever stared sadly at the rooftop after the mom grabbed her baby, and the happy-go-lucky dog began to mope over the absence of the baby possum.


Bowie went into a slump and seemed pretty upset that he no longer had the possum hanging on his neck. When Bowie came in with his little friend, he just trotted into the house like everything was normal.

Still A Hero

Jessica wasn’t surprised that Bowie was a natural foster parent to the baby possum, as he is quite a loving dog. If it weren’t for Bowie being outside on that fateful night, the possum might not have survived his fall from the roof.

Jessica Bird / Caters News

Bowie might not realize he was that baby possum’s hero, but Jessica was genuinely proud of his upstanding behavior. After a couple of days of being down in the dumps after being a foster father for a brief moment, Bowie returned to his usual perky self.