25 Bizarre Cat Facts You Need to Know Now


Anyone who owns or lives with a cat probably knows how weird these creatures can be. Cute? Yes..but peculiar. Even if you know your cat is kind of a weirdo, you probably didn’t realize just how much so – here are 25 bizarre cat facts that’ll have you looking at your cat in a different way:

More People Have Cats Than Dogs


Which animal do you think is the more popular – dogs or cats? Turns out, more people in the world own cats than dogs. Whether it’s because cats are less high-maintenance or just easier to find, cats are indeed popular.

Cats Have Unique Noses


The same way we, as humans, have unique fingerprints, cats have unique “nose prints.” You know those little bumps on your cat’s nose? They’re unique to your cat and your cat only.

Ancient Egyptians Used To Really Mourn Cats


In ancient Egypt, when a cat died, the owners would mourn by shaving off their eyebrows. They’d also have elaborate funerals for their cats and have their pet embalmed. Where did the cat’s mummy go? In the family tomb, of course.

There’s A Reason Cats Rub Up Against You


Cat’s rub against you to be affectionate but to also mark their territory on you. If your cat’s done this before, it’s because they want everyone to know you belong to them. Take it as a compliment!

Black Cats Have Always Been Bad Luck


There are different opinions on why black cats are associated with bad luck. Some believe it’s because black cats were linked to the devil and black magic in the middle ages. But there’s also the Black Death pandemic which resulted in people killing black cats because they believed they were the cause of the illness (even though they weren’t). To this day, black cats are still not thought to be the luckiest.


Cats Make More Sounds Than Dogs


Dogs typically only make 10 different sounds. Cats, on the other hand, make at least 100 different sounds. Pay close attention to the noises your kitty makes and see if you can differentiate.


Yes, Cats Can Jump Really High


You’ve probably seen a cat jump and thought, “Dang, that was high.” To put it in perspective for you, most cats can jump at least five times their height without any struggle. That’s impressive!

The Oldest Cat Is 30-Years-Old


The oldest cat ever reported is 30-years-old. Rubble, a white and orange cat, turned 30 in June 2018. The UK owner adopted Rubble when she was just 20-years-old and has found a true companion in this kitty.

Cats Are Very Emotional


In fact, a cat’s brain is more similar to a human’s brain than any dog. Cats and humans have similar regions in their brain that process emotion. You and your cat are both emotional beings! Which explains why cats can be a little moody – they’re more human than we realized.

Purring Isn’t Always A Good Sign


Sure, cats purr when they’re happy. But they also purr when they’re sad, tired, or even sick. Don’t take every purr to mean your cat is content because he or she might be feeling stressed out.

There’s A Reason Cats Lick Themselves


Cat’s don’t just lick themselves to clean their fur, they also do it to remove any scents that aren’t theirs (aka your scent). Cat’s are very territorial about everything, so it’s not really all that surprising that they wouldn’t want your scent on them.

Cats Grow Very Quickly Their First Year

The first year of a cat’s life is the equivalent of the first 15 years of a humans life. So basically, what you show and teach your cat during its first year is very important!

Some Cat Breeds Are More Popular Than Others


The most popular cat breed is the Persian cat. This long-haired cat is of Iranian descent and people just can’t get enough of this breed.

Sphinx Cats Are Actually Warm


Because of their lack of fur, people think sphinx cats run cold but they actually run a few degrees warmer than cats with hair. Someone clearly knew what they were doing when they created this kitty.

Cats Really Love To Sleep


If you own a cat, you’ve probably noticed how much your fur baby loves to sleep. What you might not have realized is how much time cats actually spend sleeping. In fact, most breeds spend about 70% of their lives snoozing. That’s a lot of sleep…we’re kind of jealous.

The Richest Cat Was Worth Millions


Blackie the cat was the richest cat in the world. How much was he worth? $13 million dollars. After his owner, Ben Rea, who was a British antique dealer died in 1988, this kitty became quite wealthy. Although to be fair there’s one cat that might be worth a little more…Grumpy the Cat. There have been recent reports that Grumpy the Cat is worth multi-millions. Guess it pays to be a cat, huh?

Cats Don’t Like Sweets


Unlike most dogs who’ll eat anything you give them, cats prefer meats over sweets. But it’s not because they’re watching their figure, they actually can’t taste sweets.

Cats Don’t Have The Best Eyesight


Cats can actually see better than humans in dimly lit light, but they can’t distinguish between colors as well.

There’s A Scientific Name For A Cat-Lover


Did you know there’s a technical term to describe someone who LOVES cats? “Ailurophilia” means cat lover and it derives from the Greek language meaning “cat+lover.”

Most Cats Are Lactose Intolerant


Cats and milk supposedly go hand in hand, right? Well, cats might love milk but milk doesn’t really agree with most cats. Turns out, a lot of cats have trouble digesting milk which is why they experience diarrhea after consuming. Your cat might love milk, but be cautious of how much you’re giving them.

A Cat’s Dominate Paw Correlates With Their Gender


A cat’s dominate paw can help you tell whether the cat is female or male. Females are predominately right-pawed and males are predominately left-pawed.

White Cats Bring Good Luck


It’s an old myth, but some people believe if you dream of a white cat you’ll have good luck.

Cats Have Seen Outer Space, Too


Humans aren’t the only ones who’ve ventured up to space. In 1963, a French scientist made history by sending the first ever cat to space. The kitty was named Félicette, and she made it safely back to the ground. Do you think she liked up it there?

Cats Don’t Meow At Other Cats


Contrary to popular belief, cats don’t just go around meowing at each other. They really only meow at humans – they save their other sounds for cats.

There’s A Reason Cats Land On Their Feet


As the saying goes, cats typically always land on their feet. But have you ever wondered why? Turns out, cats are basically skydivers. When they’re jumping off from somewhere, they put their body into an umbrella position (similar to the parachute skydivers use) to slow themselves down so they don’t land too hard.

Written By: Jordan White