23 Fluffiest Felines Ever

Fluffy cats are without a doubt, the cutest thing in the world.

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They start out so young…

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And sooner rather than later, you’ve got furry issues on your hands…

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Or a “Lion King” in your own house!

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The fluffier the cat, the more effortlessly photogenic he is. It’s a fact!

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They enjoy all the attention that posing in front of a camera is second nature to them.

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Of course, the downside to wearing all that heavy, fluffy fur is feeling sleepy most of the time.

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But this fluffster has no problem at all spending her days snoozing…

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Sometimes, they barely see their own feet because of all that fur…kinda like how women can’t see their own feet when they’re pregnant.

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I’m sure there’s a tail in there somewhere, and 4 legs…

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But there’s really no need to worry. They can live with it.

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Don’t ever underestimate them or call them lazy balls of fur. Underneath all that fluff is a ball of lightning energy.

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This guy holds the world record for longest fur. No joke. He even has the certificate to prove it. Now, that’s what we call bragging rights.

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No offense though, Colonel Meow, but you look like “The Nightmare Before Haircut”

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This fluffy cat doubles as a door mat/foot massager. What a nice kitty. I want one!

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Meet angry fluffy cat. He might just be the new viral cat.

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Look! He’s even fluffier than his Golden Retriever buddy.

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These cats are all set for “The Long Night” because their motto is “Winter is coming”. If the Starks had cats, it would definitely be like this duo.

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Jeez. Is this just a ridiculously fluffy a cat or an Angora rabbit? They both look the same to me.

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Just for comparison, this is an actual Angora rabbit. Not a lot of difference, right???

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These cats may have enviable hair…

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but I sure don’t envy the one who’s going to vacuum all that fur in the house…

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And that’s probably why they call them a furball!

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