18 Reasons Why Capybaras Are Every Animal’s BFF

You’d think dogs are the most sociable creatures ever, making friends with all kinds of animals, but it seems like capybaras are out to give them a run for their money.

Here are 18 reasons why we think capybaras make awesome friends.

They have no preference for the company they keep. 

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They’re so chill, everyone wants to hang out with them. 


They’re a true friend you can lean on. 

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Birds love to perch on top of them. 

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Rabbits love to cuddle with them—bring on all the cuteness! 

Animals Sitting on Capybaras

Dogs look up to them—makes them successful obedience school teachers! 

Capybara Madness

They take squirrel monkeys on piggy back rides… 

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and keep them entertained them for hours. 

Animals Sitting on Capybaras

They let spider monkeys groom them. 

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They’re sweethearts and surprise you with cuddles.  

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They love kisses, especially wet, sloppy ones. 

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They’re game for cosplaying. 


They know how to spend quality quiet time. 

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They love the water so much and make the best swimming coach. 

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They make excellent babysitters-on-call too. 


They take surrogate mothering very seriously. 

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And of course, they think cats are awesome! 

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Cats think they’re awesome too. And, let’s face it, their opinion is the only thing that matters, right??! 

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