15 Things Your Cat Loves (Hint: Not Baths)

What would you do to keep a cat happy? If you’re like the average American pet owner, you’ll spend $92.98 each month to provide the basics for your cat. But if you’d also like to delight a feline friend, consider these 15 things cats love:

1. Scritchy Scratchy

Humans stretch and yawn to relax, cats scratch for the same effect. A quick session with the scratching post or a cardboard box helps sharpen kitty’s claws, too.

2. Eye-To-Eye Intros

To charm a cat you meet at someone else’s house, crouch down to kitty level. When you seem smaller, you don’t intimidate the cat as easily.

3. Water In Action

Ever notice your cat playing with a dripping faucet? Running water delights cats, so experiment with a drinking fountain designed for felines.

4. Friendship On A Feline Schedule

To befriend a cat you’ve just met, extend your fingers along the floor so the cat can sniff without getting too close. If the kitty decides to move away, don’t block the way.

5. Facial Massage

If you reach the petting stage with cats, start with the areas they like best: the forehead, cheeks, and neck. Lightly scratch behind the ears, too.

6. All Calm, No Storm

Forget those cruel cat-and-cucumber videos. To make a cat love you, avoid all sudden movements and unexpected sounds. Cats respond best to predictability.

7. State The Name

In your quest to let a cat know that good things happen when you’re around, make sure to say kitty’s name out loud when you’re gearing up for fresh food, games or treats.

8. Strategic Treats

Old-school pet parents might only think of dogs when doling out treats, but cats also warm up to humans who share a delicious morsel once in a while.

9. Stinky Cheese

You can’t depend on a cat to love even a favorite food from one day to the next, but a high percentage of cats love a tidbit of stinky cheese for a treat.

10. Wave A Wand For A While

If a cat will play at all, it’s most likely to love a wand you move like a snake, bird or mouse. Pause for a second so the cat can participate. Keep the session short.

11. For Some Breeds, All-Day Cuddles

Ragdoll, Scottish Fold, Burmese and Siamese are a few cat breeds that particularly like to cuddle. When you hold any cat, even a cuddler, let them leave if they start to struggle.

12. Music For Meowers

They don’t respond well to the radio or music videos, but cats do like music composed to mesh with their feline communication style. Several cat-friendly compositions are on the market.

13. The Lovable Litter Box

Behind every happy indoor cat is an owner willing to change the litter box twice a week and scoop daily. Cats get nervous if they can’t bury their poo so it doesn’t smell.

14. Skip Baths

This goes without saying if you’ve ever tried to bathe an unwilling cat, but most cats hate taking baths. They don’t need them since they regularly clean themselves and stay odor-free.

15. Try The Kitty Equivalent Of The She Shed

Cats need a private, quiet space they can retreat to. It doesn’t need to be large but it should be available when dogs or little kids visit.